Policy and Careers

Central to Neilcott’s culture is the value and importance we place on the loyalty, commitment and flexibility of all our employees, in the achievement of organisation goals. We understand the importance of a constructive employment relationship. In order to effectively engage with our employees, we have placed the management of people at strategic levels within Neilcott, recognising that our people are not simply one of the factors of production but the major source of our competitive advantage.

Recruitment and Retention

We develop recruitment policies and practices to ensure that we engage and retain employees with the not only the necessary technical skills but also the right cultural fit for our business.
We achieve this through:

  • Greater reliance on our internal labour market;
  • Growing our own talent pool with an annual intake of trainees and graduates;
  • Effective resource planning;
  • Competitive remuneration packages.
  • Real career development opportunities;
  • Learning development and support.

Equal Opportunities

Neilcott recognise the value of a collective mix of people with differences and similarities within an organisation that can be mobilised to pursue organisation goals in a changing environment. We have adopted policies and practices that treat employees with fairness as well as equality. Neilcott’s equal opportunities policy provides a fair chance for everyone in respect of employment, entry to employment, training, placement and promotion. We aim to raise people’s awareness of equality and equity in their dealings with each other and avoid stereotyping, bullying and harassment in the workplace.
Click on current vacancies for a listing of all vacancies. You can apply by submitting your CV to careers@neilcott.co.uk or by using the on-line application (quoting the appropriate job reference number).