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Neilcott Secures Planning for Newham Primary Capital Programme

Since 2008, the number of children needing a school place has increased by 25 per cent and the Council has had to create 10,500 primary school places, equivalent to 50 new forms of entry for Newham children.  Newham Council has spent £125.5 million on rebuilding schools through the Primary Capital Programme and its expansion projects.

The Council has long identified the need for primary school places in inner London’s most crowded borough.  Parents are now beginning to see the fruits of many years planning with nearly 90 per cent of pupils getting to attend their first choice primary school last year.  The approach taken is to build on existing primary schools, rather than building new ones.  So far 26 of the 41 new forms of entry needed have already been taken care of and we are delighted that the next batch of three primary schools has now been given planning approval.

The works include the extension and refurbishment of North Beckton Primary School, Roman Road Primary School and St. Stephen’s Primary School, and the Council have appointed Neilcott Construction and their design teams to develop each of the three schools.

North Beckton Primary School will be increased from a two form of entry primary school to a three form of entry primary school with the construction of a new two-storey classroom block featuring 12-classrooms, a new linking canopy to the existing school building and associated landscaping works.

To respond to the demands of the brief to expand St Stephen’s Primary School from 2FE to 3FE, a scheme has been developed involving both new build area and refurbishment. The scheme can be summarised in five main moves:

  • A two storey new build classroom block to the east side of the site, comprising seven new classrooms, support accommodation and a roof terrace.
  • A dining hall extension to accommodate increased numbers at lunchtimes, which will also incorporate storage and a staff meeting room.
  • Internal reconfiguration of the existing main hall to create a space where the whole expanded school can assemble.
  • A new crèche to replace the existing temporary building and free up space in the playground.
  • Extensive landscape works to tie the new built elements into the school grounds and increase the amount of year round usable amenity play space.

Roman Road Primary School will expand from a one form entry to a fully integrated, high-quality, three form entry facility.  The new design combines new build elements including a hall and entrance block, two-storey wing and new reception classrooms and Library, with the adaptation and reuse of the existing building to form a single cohesive new school.

At the Planning Committee meeting whilst giving approval, the planners expressed their appreciation at the high quality design of all three schools.  During the design development period extensive consultations were held with each school and the local residents to ensure that the new designs delivered greatly improved facilities which specifically met each of the school’s needs.   This will allow students to be educated in classrooms fit for the 21st century, with the provision of outstanding learning environments for the pupils of each of the three schools.

The massing, detailing and materials of each of the three schools has been designed to respond to the context of each of the immediate surroundings and existing buildings.  With good quality, long lasting and low maintenance materials.  Each of the schools will remain in use throughout the construction works.  Works have been phased and planned to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors whilst minimising the disruption to the smooth running of each of the schools.  Work is due to start in the New Year with some of the facilities being made available for the planned expansion in numbers at the start of the autumn term in 2014.Newham-Schools