Monthly Archives: December, 2016

Neilcott Charity Update

Neilcott staff managed to raise a fantastic £8,219.75 during the year for Neilcott’s 2016 charity Yorda Adventures.  Neilcott has matched the funding raised so we have passed a fantastic £16,439.50 over to Yorda which has made a huge difference to them this year.  They recently took on their own venue (Playhouse), as they were previously sharing facilities, and our donation has provided them with an opportunity to update the accommodation.  The Playhouse needs adaptations to ensure that all their children with physical disabilities can access the facilities safely and they will be installing a changing bed and hoist system.  Yorda will also use part of the donation to fund places.  One of their playChristmas-Jumper-2016scheme weeks provides 40-50 places per week for children to have a safe fun day and for their parents to have a much needed break. They have a long waiting list for places and the money raised will fund an entire week plus additional places from their waiting list.  In addition to the fund raising Neilcott also donated some play equipment which was recycled from one of our projects in Wandsworth and this will really enhance their play space.  Nominations are now in for the Neilcott 2017 Charity and fundraising has kicked off with a Christmas raffle and Christmas jumper day, we already have an impressive £350 for our 2017 Charity with lots of ideas and suggestions for fund-raising activities next year.