Early Christmas at Ronald Ross Primary School

Christmas came early last week at Ronald Ross Primary School in Wandsworth, with a special visit from Father Christmas.  Not content with dressing up as Ivor Goodsite during an assembly at commencement of the project to warn the students of the dangers of construction sites in general and in particular how the project works on site will affect students, Neilcott Site Manager, Toby Allen, also put in an appearance as Father Christmas at the School.

The project comprises of the co-location of the existing 1 form entry Ronald Ross Primary School and 72 place Greenmead SEN Primary School on the Ronald Ross Primary School site. Greenmead Primary is a school which is predominantly focused on physical need, and currently co-located with the Paddock School in Putney.  Paddock School requires expansion to accommodate the increased need for Autistic Spectrum Disorder support within the borough, and this is being addressed through the relocation of Greenmead to Ronald Ross, so that Paddock can expand into the current Greenmead facility which is already set up for ASD requirements.
Bringing a mainstream primary together with an SEN primary has challenges, particularly on such a confined site. However the opportunities and benefits have been identified through a consultation process which makes the development a key educational asset for the borough with both schools being able to share ideas and provide the mainstream and SEN support to each other that wouldn’t have been possible if either had been developed separately. The school’s main entrance is situated at the centre and heart of the building, right between the two schools. Pulled away from the road, a dedicated pedestrian path runs between the vehicular access and Ronald Ross early years play area.  Separate vehicular access is provided for vehicles with disabled access. A draught lobby is provided to protect the building entrance area from extreme weather while also creating a third secure line within the entrance area. While both schools have general offices facing the entrance lobby area, these spaces are dedicated administrative spaces which support a central reception desk area.  Visitors will report to the central reception, where the receptionist on duty will allow them access to the relevant school. This shared reception acts as a united frontage for the two schools while still allowing them to operate independently.  The school is equipped with a hydrotherapy pool which will be used extensively by the Greenmead children. The changing areas are equipped with tracking systems to assist with the moving of children in and out of the pool as necessary.  The halls are located on the first floor to sit within the main hub of children, for easy access. Whilst not located on the ground/lower ground level it has easy access with two lifts and stairs to bring the children and visitors up. The 3 halls have been designed to work as a single large space or series of smaller spaces to suit various requirements of both schools, such as dining, PE, school performances and assemblies. The halls symbolise the new collaborative relationship being built by the two schools with each other.  To support Ronald Ross’s play space requirements, an element of roof play has been introduced above the Ronald Ross wing. This space will have a series of soft and hard areas so that it can be used for safe play as well as external classrooms for teaching outside in good weather.IMG_1648IMG_1601IMG_0292