Ivor Goodsite Makes Guest Appearance

Staff and students at Immanuel and St Andrew Church of England Primary School in Streatham received a special guest during assembly on Monday 20 May.  Ivor Goodsite made a special appearance to give students an update on their building project and more importantly to warn the students of the dangers of construction sites.  As always he was warmly received by the students who were keen to hear all about his work across the many construction sites that he visits.  Ivor also fixed Hunt the Hazard signs around the site hoarding to ensure that students remember all the dangers that were discussed during assembly.

Neilcott are currently constructing a two storey extension to the existing school utilising a Structural Insulated Panellised Solution with a single storey link to the existing school.  The extension will provide 8 new classrooms, two group rooms and toilet cores.  Refurbishment and reconfiguration works to the existing school are also being undertaken.