Supporting Science Week

Nelicott “Kick Started” Science Week at William Torbitt Primary School with an assembly about the construction works being undertaken at the School and then issuing a IMG_4052challenge to solve during the week ahead.  Science week at William Torbitt is an open invitation to explore, discover and uncover the Power of Science and is an opportunity to envisage what else is possible with the Power of Science.  Each year group was asked to review a specific issue surrounding the construction works such as “How can we stop the site from getting burgled? (electricity, circuits and burglar alarms)  How can we get heavy materials up onto the roof? (forces, pulleys and cranes)  How can we keep the builders safe when they are working up high? (scaffolding, harnesses and parachutes!)  How can we keep the buildings dry? (waterproofing, materials and guttering)  How can we make the buildings bright and colourful? (lights, colours and materials)  How can we stop the building noise interrupting our class? (Sound, noise and insulation).  A Science Fair was held at the end of the week with the Neilcott site team discussing with the students what they had learnt during the week and the solutions that they had come up with.