William Torbitt Primary School Expansion

The Council has long identified the need for primary school places, and the approach taken is to build on existing primary schools rather than building new ones.  In response to this considerable pressure for school places, the Local Authority has agreed expansion for some primary schools including William Torbitt Primary School, in Newbury Park.

William Torbitt’s vision statement places emphasis upon the school as a learning community, a caring community and a working partnership, with the pupils’ learning and development at its core.  The school site is located within the largely residential neighView-from-overhead-2bourhood of Newbury Park.  The school is integral to its local community; a place where all pupils are included in everything the school has to offer.

The school is looking to the future and is keen to extend its clear educational vision for excellence, enhancing not only its teaching and learning environment but building upon its well established role at the heart of the community.

Redbridge awarded the expansion works to Neilcott Construction.  The demolition and construction works are due to commence in mid-February with the demolition of the existing Eastern Wing  which will be replaced by the first single storey extension classroom wing.

All the works are being phased to enable the school to function, and of course for the safety of the students, staff and visitors to the school.  In addition to the new build elements, which include two new wings and the extension to the hall, there are internal reconfiguration and refurbishment works, external landscaping and some drainage replacement, all of which are programmed to be complete by the end of 2014.