With the highest level of experience and technical expertise Neilcott are able to carry out construction work in a wide range of different sectors, all of which have specific constraints, requirements and procurement regimes.

We have management and construction teams that have developed high levels of expertise in each sector. They understand the needs of clients in each sector, including the political and fiscal regimes in which they operate and the hopes and expectations of their end users.

Best practice

In all sectors we have a high level of repeat business, and many of our contracts are either negotiated directly or procured through frameworks or long term partnering arrangements.

Knowledge, best practice and innovation are shared between all sectors, so lessons learned on one project can be translated into improvements in another sector.

Sharing skills

We have a wide range of skills that can be transferred between sectors or brought together very successfully on projects where knowledge of more than one sector is beneficial. This has enabled us to help clients arrange funding for projects, develop mixed-use projects and combine community-based facilities, such as health provision and affordable housing.

Our experience of different funding and procurement mechanisms also enables us to offer clients a range of different options for procuring and funding their projects.

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